in analysis are a band who create songs based on stories

or thoughts contributed anonymously by members of the public.

After inviting people to write about their mothers, we released our first album of eleven mothers songs. This record is available to listen to here. All proceeds from this project go to charity (see below).

We're now working on two new projects, one about love and one about christmas. Please feel free to contribute to either!

Yellow vinyl of the album titled 'Mothers' by the band in analysis
Star burst saying 'Album out now!'
Record cover of the album 'Mothers' by the band in analysis

"Let's talk

about love..."

Case Study #2: Love

We have started work on our next album of songs about love. The album is in progress, but it's not to late to post your stories and thoughts on the subject in total anonymity on this page.

However, we also thought it would also be nice to make an EP for christmas 2022, so we'd love to hear your stories about that too!

Charity Donations

The proceeds of this project all go to Mind and the Samaritans, You can buy the vinyl version, or you can listen for free here or via  Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, or GooglePlay.

Last year we gave £1000 each to Mind and The Samaritans. These charities are needed more than ever at the moment, so if you enjoy these songs (or even if you don't!), please consider making a contribution to them using the links below.